Hector’s Notes

The Cage, Monday, Apr. 4, 2016

A Thought for the Day:

‘Dissing panjamdrums, big or little, is apt to get you in the piddle.’


The Cage, Friday, Apr. 1, 2016

From The Shortlist Daily today:

The world thinks Australia should lift its anti-corruption game “Anti-corruption experts in the US and Europe have urged Australia to properly resource and empower its anti-bribery regime as Australia emerges as the ‘dumping ground’ for dirty money from Asia. Officials believe that under-resourcing, ineffective laws and competing priorities between the federal police and corporate watchdog ASIC are a factor in the failure to resolve many cases.”

– The Age


A thought for the day (from The Shortlist Daily):

The Cage, Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016

The anomaly of barbarism “There is nothing mysterious in the rise of ISIS. It is baffling only for those who believe—despite everything that occurred in the twentieth century—that modernization and civilization are advancing hand in hand. In fact, now as in the past some of the most modern movements are among the most barbaric. But to admit this would mean surrendering the ruling political faith, a decayed form of liberalism without which Western leaders and opinion formers would be disoriented and lost. To accept that liberal societies may not be ‘on the right side of history’ would leave their lives drained of significance, while a stoical response—which is ready to fight while being doubtful of ultimate victory—seems to be beyond their powers.”

– Lapham’s Quarterly


The Cage, Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2016

We hear that Made Wijaya was displeased with the rather friendly little mention he got in Hector’s Diary on Mar. 16. He seemed to believe that a reference to his being the go-to Bule for all things Balinese should be read as meaning that he was the go-to Bule for Hector, whom he is on record as hating, and that anyway this was embarrassing for him, and possibly dangerous in terms of his wide range of local connections. A more educated reading of the reference, or at least a second go with the finger along the lines of type, would have assuaged his fears on that score. It said no such thing. And he need not fear. Made Wijaya, formerly Michael White, forever a stranger in Paradise, will never be our go-to, for any purpose. His acolyte anteroom is already overstuffed.

That said, we bear him no ill-will, though others of our acquaintance, recent and otherwise, current and past, seem to think this is the case. They do not know us at all well. We rarely bother to become discomfited over the antics of others, and especially those who scribble notes, like ourselves. Live and let live is the rule. There’s enough room in the shark tank for denizens of all descriptions, even for those who, despite their claims to lengthy literary experience, don’t seem to understand that if you post something publicly, however incomplete or ungrammatical it may be, or even if it’s scatological,  someone is likely to see it.

In this case, we did. We thought, ‘Hello, Wijaya’s got a good point here, we’ll give him a plug.’ (It was about the commercial vandalism being planned for Benoa Bay, which he, like we, opposes.) Wijaya, being Wijaya, saw it through an entirely different prism. Silly fellow.