I like the thought of hapless heroes, though I wouldn’t say “been there, done that” 🙂


Welcome to the Hapless Heroes collection of stand-alone romantic comedies, available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.  These hunky heroes might be hopeless when it comes to romance, but they’ll do any crazy thing to make their sassy heroine swoon and win her heart.

Marriage and the MermaidMarriage and the Mermaid: 

Adorable Winifred Malone may or may not be obsessed with Baz Wilson, but one thing she knows for sure is that they belong together. So she’s not about to let a mermaid come between them, or a demented father and the internet scammer who’s trying to steal his fortune. Not a kleptomaniac cleaning lady and the messy mermaid she’s cleaning up after. Not an OCD marine biologist and certainly not the harried constable trying to make sense of it all. Wynne only cares about marrying Baz, and she’s not prepared to let anything get in her way!

Praise for

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