The diversion of aid: Carr’s false comparisons

A fine argument indeed on the financial cost of moral bankruptcy

No Place For Sheep

The Gillard government yesterdaydeclared its intention to rob overseas aid of $375 million in order to help pay  the living expenses of asylum seekers who have arrived in Australia by boat.

The money will allegedly go towards supporting the resettlement of asylum seekers who have been released into the community on bridging visas. These asylum seekers need financial support because the government will not allow them to work while their claims are being processed.

They have been condemned to a marginal existence, receiving some 85% of the already meagre Newstart allowance, for some five years, the time it is estimated it will take authorities to process their asylum claims.

It’s not known if the money will also be used to fund off-shore detention centres, particularly the construction of new facilities on Nauru and Manus Island.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr claims this is no big deal, and cites the United…

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2 responses to “The diversion of aid: Carr’s false comparisons”

  1. As I said at NPFS

    “Cutting foreign aid is creating EVEN more ‘boats’. Even a rock could see that.”

    1. I fear the order of the day is “rock on” 🙂

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