Part 1 – Australian Federal Politics 101: How the bloody hell did we get here?

This one’s from down at grass level on Oz politics. A good read!


Well the Federal Election of 2013 hasn’t even been called yet and I am already over the angst that it is causing. Let’s face it, federal politics is a deadest snoozefest of late. Yeah there is a lot of talk and it’s tough to keep up with who is who (thanks to KRudd’s recent re-enactment of “The Red Wedding”), but nothing is actually happening. It doesn’t feel like Australia is on course for anything. Much like Sally Fletcher’s return on Home and Away – I ask why?

For me, politics used to be something I could freely ignore. It was such a happier time. Like a slipping fanbelt in your car, it let off a screech here and there and was sometimes embarrassing , but the old girl still fired up and got you to where you needed to go without too much drama. However in 2008 something changed… I…

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